28th Street Traffic Calming Petition

June 4, 2016 in General Topics

At the request of neighbors and Lowell parents and staff, Ada County Highway Department (ACHD) completed a traffic study on 28th Street in front of Lowell. The study results showed that due to the volume and speed of the traffic, 28th Street is eligible for “traffic calming”.

In order for the process to move forward, 75% property owners along 28th Street between State and Hill must sign a petition by mid-July. This is challenging, especially when many property owners do not even reside on 28th street.

Several volunteers will be in the neighborhood this weekend and in the next few weeks trying to talk to the property owners and get signatures.

If you are a 28th street property owner or know someone who is, please chat with us or spread the word.

For more detailed information, you can go here: 28th Street Traffic Calming Petition – FAQs


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