Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes, June 11, 2015

July 4, 2015 in Association Meetings

Shane Lowe, president, welcomed the small group to the meeting (at our new meeting spot);and introduced Ronnie Marler, Westbench Association president.  The two men spent a short time sharing own-area experiences.

Old Business:
The Garden, on 36th St.

Webpage:  input from Rick Castle; webpage name,  Rick will look into setting up a subset page on Facebook for group. continues to be a huge asset, a great place for communicating upcoming and future news.

Scheduled Event:

National Night Out, August 4, 5:30- 8 pm; the hope is to have lots of attendance and participation at Sunset Park.  Shane has invited council people and the mayor; will be setting up booths; need designated people to escort and show guests around the park; introducing them to others.  Please let Shane know; this is important.

Freer Organics:  a local business; starting composting canine waste at the trailheads, as well as other business.

SNA Sign Post Designators:  the city will give grant money for artist and his/her design on chosen signs.

New Business:

Neighborhood Plan:  go on ACHD’s and The Planning and Zoning Board’s webpages and see what the future plans are for our area; and Boise in general.  With this knowledge, you can attend their meetings when/where they’re making the decisions.  You can also scan page.

Memorial walk/fountain:  at Camel’s Back park, donated the equipment and necessary maintenance. Shane would like to see one in Sunset; need sponsor(s); the YMCA funded Safe Routes to School, for school children, safer walking streets.

Lowell Pool: this is its last year as has been determined to be unsafe; and will be demolished; future spot has not been chosen; close to Sunset Park would be advantageous.

Roadway Maintenance:  collector roadways, traffic calming devices, crosswalks, etc.  ACHD is the webpage to learn information about this area.  If you want your alleyway paved, call them at 387-6321.

  • Next Meeting will be (the third Thursday, as Shane is unavailable for the second), September 17, 2015

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