Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting, March 19, 2015

July 4, 2015 in Association Meetings

Shane Lowe, president, welcomed the small group of us to the meeting;

Reflection/History:  a little about its history

Old Business:
Our neighborhood garden, located at the Christian Retirement Center on 36th St, a good place to volunteer your time.

Directions for applying for grants, for new sidewalks, i.e., the social media group that’s growing every day,  a great forum for reaching neighbors, and learning about up-to-date information, such as burglaries, dogs missing. As heard in the news’ reports recently, the Valley is becoming more dangerous, with the need of citizens to be more vigilant and alert.

Events yet to schedule:
1.  National Night Out-in August
2.  Neighborhood Yard Sale
3.  Poop pickup (On one morning, Shane participated in one, helping the city keep the area, including Sunset Park, clean).

Next Scheduled Meetings (all Thursday nights) are:
June 11, September 17, and December 10.

Committee Updates:
SNA saving account balance of $330.

New Business:
Suggestion boxes, placed around the neighborhood.

Local Neighborhood Businesses:
36th Bistro
Red Betty’s Hair House
Boise Naturopath
Nail Salon
North End Grooming
Freer Organics, co-owner Autumn Freer
Kam Photography
Dog walking business
Music lessons and music entertainers

Recycling (Freer Organics):  the business, using an organic recycling process, recycles all
food wastes; uses enzymes to spray to kill toxic mold in crawl spaces; and some other related

Neighborhood Sign Post Designators

  • Next meeting will be June 11, 2015

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